Vote For The Thigh In The "Best Sports Blog Name Contest" On Zoner Sports | Sharapova's Thigh

There's a sweet tournament going on at Zoner Sports that we're a part of as I was just informed, for the best sports blog name. There's 48 blogs/teams, and we're a #3 seed in the "Ronnie Bull Region". Anyway, any votes you could give us would be appreciated. I'll be surprised if we last very long, but maybe the magic of Maria's thigh can carry us to the promised land.

Vote For Sharapova's Thigh

UPDATE: We made it to the second round of the "Best Sports Blog Name Contest" on Zoner Sports! Unfortunately that might be where it ends, as we have a ridiculously tough draw: Tirico Suave. Tirico Suave is one of the best sports blogs on the web and I can't lie, the name is outstanding as well.

So why vote for us? Hmm... I don't know, but we'd really appreciate if you did.

Vote For Sharapova's Thigh In The 2nd Round!

UPDATE NUMBER 2: Thank you to each and every person who voted for us in the last round. Because of your support and Clapp's puppy dog eyes, we have advanced on to the final twelve. This week, we take on "Blog Down, Chicago Bears". We're a four seed now after reseeding. Anyways, if you find yourself over at zoner sports and are so inclined, give us a vote. We appreciate each one.

Vote For Sharapova's Thigh In The 3rd Round!

UPDATE NUMBER 3: Clapp back for this update... we made it to the next round and are facing another great blog, Both Teams Played Hard. Six teams left. If you would like to give us your support...

Vote For Sharapova's Thigh In The 4th Round!

UPDATE NUMBER 4: Well we're in the Final Four, somehow. Thanks to all of you that have helped us get there, and maybe we can move on to the championship game. We've got more tough competition, facing The Sports Hernia. At this point I don't even feel like we deserve to win anymore as these are all brilliant names and brilliant blogs, but... we'll take it.

UPDATE NUMBER 5: We are into the Championship!!! Thanks to everybody that has voted for the Thigh. We have one more contest left to determine the Best Name in Blogfrica. Our opponent: Pippen Ain't Easy. It is sure to be a match up for the ages. The voting has not started yet, but we'll get the link up as soon as it's up at Zoner.

Vote for Sharpova's Thigh in the Final!

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