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A bunch of Thigh contributors, including myself, call Colorado home. This means that a lot of our readers call Colorado home. Ipsa facto there is a large Denver Broncos fanbase among Thigh-Nation. I am not part of that contingent.

In fact I savor it when the Broncos lose. The city falls apart and it seems like nothing short of Satan's second coming is occurring.

Unless you live under a rock or in outer Mongolia you know that Jay Cutler wants out of Denver because he is a whiny poonanny. Josh McDaniels is an idiot for how he's handled this. Not that he tried to trade Cutler in the first place. No, JMac is stupid because since the trade for Matt Cassel fell apart JMac has used about the same amount of diplomacy exercised by Hitler, Pol Pot, Castro and Stalin.

Anyway, make my word the following scenario WILL play out and I will laugh my ass off.

Jay Cutler gets traded to the Lions.

Derek Anderson gets traded to the Broncos along with the Lions 3rd round pick.

The Browns get the Lions second first round pick, 20th overall.

Watch it happen fuckers. Cutler gets screwed. The Broncos get Horseballs. The Browns draft Knowshon Moreno. Fantastic.

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