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Alright, we've finally set the field of 32 thighs for the 2009 Hot Ladies Tournament: Road to the Thighnal Four. Yes, we're doing it right after the real tournament this year, and that wasn't really planned. We just got carried away with these Where They Stand's(and who knows if we'll even finish those now with the season started) and other crap, backing this tournament up.

As I've already told you a few times now, the four members of the 2008 Thighnal Four are in this year's tournament, as you voted for that over a few other options such as having 32 new thighs. Those ladies are Megan Fox(the 2008 champion), Elisha Cuthbert(runner-up), Jessica Alba, and Alyssa Milano. They're the #1 seeds.

We then collaborated some rankings that four of us made, as well as taking popularity of some of our Thigh of the Week's into consideration for the other 28 girls. Yes, just 32 instead of 64 this year, as it just took forever for us to do that last year.

I assume we'll have a new logo(if I can find somebody to do that as I have zero skills with that stuff) for this year's tournament, or we'll just put this link in the Thighnal Four logo from last year. We should be starting this in the next few days, who knows. We're so organized around here aren't we?

Anyway, here's the matchups and a link to the bracket. Justin cut the bracket in half, as the whole bracket either couldn't fit it in the blog post, or is too hard to read if we minimize it to do so.

2009 Hot Ladies Tournament: Road To The Thighnal Four

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