If I could be a Superhero... | Sharapova's Thigh

I would be...

Ok I'm going to stop here and pay homage to Steven Lynch, always a favorite here at the Thigh.

But here is a list of verses I might add to the song:

- If I could be a Superhero I would be... Ty Lawson; I'd gimp around on only one foot; And manage to play fucking awesome. When psycho T starts laying them bricks; I step it up and start beat them pricks. I'd win with my team while playing possum; cuse I would be fucking Ty Lawson.

- If I could be a Superhero I would be Jim Nantz; I'd get every broadcasting job while wearing my fancy pants. I'd tell all of my friend Freddie Couples; and I'd suck on some nipples that are very supple(s). Then I'd scream with delight as I did a dance; cuse I would be Jim Nantz

- If I could be a Superhero I'd Luther Vandross; I would sing One Shining Moment and own it like I am the boss. Who really cares if I have no talent; I sing with the joy of boning Holly Valance; I don't care that I'm not a hoss; cuse I am Luther Vandross.

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