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Jeffrey Maier Revisited

Posted by Poorly Acquitted | 4/19/2009 01:47:00 PM | , , , ,

Remember Jeffrey Maier? If you watch baseball you know exactly who he is.

Since that memorable play in the 1998 playoffs and a bevy of plays since then MLB has instituted a review system. Well that review system, the umpires, MLB and Yankee Stadium are freaking worthless.

Jorge Posada just hit a pinch it homerun in the 7th inning against the Indians. We'll get video up as soon as its available. Trevor Crowe, Indians right fielder, reached up to catch the drive and some fucking schmuck reached over, pulled the ball into the stands and idiot Tom Halyon ruled it a homerun.

So Halyon and crew chief Jerry Crawford reviewed the play.

They upheld the homerun call.

There is no replay system on Planet Earth that would possibly uphold the call. Both fans clearly interfered with Trevor Crowe. Two seperate fans contacted Crowe's glove. What a joke.

The replay shold have been reviewed as:

1.) This is an out for fan interference. Posada is out, runner returns to first.

2.) Ground ruled double.

3.) Yeah I'm sorry there is no option 3, there is no upholding this homerun.

I know we have a lot of Chicago readers, so I don't need to preach to you. Players CAN make plays reaching into the stands. The umpires MUST account for this.

Screw you MLB and screw you Yankee Stadium. Screw you Tom Halyon. Screw you Jerry Crawford. And screw you Yankees fans. Yeah, screw all of you.

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