Midwest Region 1st Round: Holly Weber (3) vs. Blake Lively (6) | Sharapova's Thigh

Holly Weber Advances!

Our hearts go out to our fearless leader Matt Clapp and to all of those affected be the tragedy involving Angels' pitcher Nick Adenhart.

As a personal message from all contributors to the Thigh: If you drink and drive Fuck You. Put a gun in your mouth instead and save the rest of us from your stupidity.

But as they say the show must go on.

We're going to extend voting on the Moran Atkinson match-up for another 12 hours. Happy hunting. Looks like Alyssa Milano and Stacy Keibler have sizable leads against their opening round opponents. The Hazell vs. Patridge match-up is still young.

Holly Weber

Holly Weber is 24, she's from California, and well she's ridiculously hot. I've decided to move to California, mostly because of her. You could cut a diamond with that body, and that defined jaw line is something that I could stare at for days at a time.

Blake Lively

You know Blake Lively from Gossip Girl and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She is also from California, so good news for me! She was homeschooled because her parents knew there were people like me and our readers out there.

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