Midwest Region Sweetest 16: Minka Kelly(2) vs. Holly Weber(3) | Sharapova's Thigh

UPDATE: Minka Kelly Defeats Holly Weber And Moves On To The Elite 8! Thanks For Voting!

Second Round. Which one of these lovely ladies has the sweetness to advance to the regional finals? Lets find out...

Minka Kelly

Minka had no trouble in the first round against Arielle Keebel. She's our favorite cheerleader. She has amazing cleavage. It looks like Friday Night Lights has opened a lot of doors for her and that she'll be around for us to oogle for some time to come. Yippee!!

Holly Weber

Holly Weber is ridiculously gorgeous. She started her career as a go-go dancer in Vegas at 18. After that people realized that she looked pretty damn good wearing as little as possible. She's been a regular in calandars and magazines since then. She also has a fast rising acting career, and by fast rising I do mean she is eye candy in movies. She's been in Tropic Thunder, Don't Mess with the Zohan, and Frost/Nixon. She's also adding to the number of reasons to see the May release of Fast & Furious.

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