South Region 1st Round: Abbey Clancy (3) vs. Joanna Krupa (6) | Sharapova's Thigh

Joanna Krupa lays the smack down on Abbey Clancy

Tournament update: Chriqui and Miller advance easily to the Second Round!!

Two blonde models in this morning's contest. Decisions, decisions...

Abbey Clancy

Abbey Clancy is from she bones soccer players like Peter Crouch. Lucky bastard. But they broke up, so good for the rest of us. She won second place on Britain's version of America's Next Top Model (dare I guess that it's called Britain's Next Top Model? It's a stretch, I know). She does a bunch of lingerie ads. Oh yeah, and she does a bunch of cocaine.

Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa was born in Poland, but thankfully more many of our readers she moved to the Chicago area when she was 5. She's been in several movies as an extra and is one of the up and coming supermodels in the world. She's also was a Jugs dancer on The Man Show, so in addition to being super hot she gets points for being cool in a laughable sort of way.

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