South Region 1st Round: Keeley Hazell (2) vs. Audrina Patridge (7) | Sharapova's Thigh

Keeley Hazell emerges victorious!!

This is how we do it here at the Thigh. We give you the best match-ups and force you to make the hard decisions. And no I'm not talking about what's going up in your pants right now. We have two blowouts so far, but the Moran/Atkinson match is coming down to the very end. What kind of match up will these two lovely ladies give us? Let's get it on!!

Keeley Hazell

All you need to know about Keeley Hazell:

1.) Those are real. Size 32 E in the UK. Not sure what that means in America, but their real and their fantastic.

2.) She made a sex tape.

Audrina Patridge

If you're a degenerate (like me) and love MTV (like me) and watch The Hills (like me), you've whacked off to Audrina a lot. She has a body that can kill and is dumb as a fucking brick. The perfect combo. She is freaking luscious.

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