South Region Sweetest 16: Jessica Alba(1) vs. Autumn Reeser(4) | Sharapova's Thigh

UPDATE: Jessica Alba Wins And Is Headed To The Elite Eight!

This enticing matchup features a 2008 Thighnal Four member in Jessica Alba, and a dark horse in Autumn Reeser, who had an impressive first round victory over Olga Kurylenko. Can she continue her success against the heavy favorite Alba? Get your vote on to help decide that...

Jessica Alba

Yes, Jessica's a mom now and acting like it sadly. Ugly clothes and few efforts to look hot, although she could lay in a pile of pig shit and I'd still get turned on. It's been well-documented that she's always been a personal favorite of mine, so it breaks my heart to see her not trying to show off that world class body more.

Anyway, I've posted really hot pictures of her, some from a bunch of years ago because this is how she must be viewed representing a #1 seed. If you don't think she's still capable of being the sensationally hot Jessica Alba, the second to last picture is from a recent photo shoot, so take that. Boom, roasted.

Autumn Reeser

The O.C. produced many crushes of mine(see: Rachel Bilson), and Autumn was certainly one of those. She played the character Taylor Townsend on the show and that's probably what she's most known for(aside from being incredibly gorgeous). The 28-year-old has been in plenty of movies and other television shows, such as appearing on one of my favorite episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadephia, "Charlie Wants an Abortion". I'm happy to say she will be in the upcoming season of Entourage as well, hooking up with Vince I assume like all the hot ladies do in the show.

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