When does the draft start??!!?? | Sharapova's Thigh

That's it.

I quit.

I'm never watching the NFL again....

Yeah and by again I do mean until 2 MST this afternoon (4pm for our east coasters)

But shouldn't the TV coverage begin.....NOW.

I've never proclaimed to be smart, but the draft normally started at noon eastern, right?

What's with this whole pushing it back 4 hours paradigm?

I know the third round has been moved to Sunday, but the 1st round normally takes between 5 and 6 hours. The second round normally clocks in at 3. I know the time to make selections has been shortened for the first round this year, but having the draft continue on until 9 or 10 pm?? Is that odd to anybody else?

Football is played in the morning and early afternoon. Had I set up a tailgate complete with breakfast burritos, Bloody Mary's and cornhole? No. But I thought about it!!

My Saturday schedule was unfolding nicely:

8 am - Wake up.

8:30 am - Beer run. The drink of choice today was going to be Michaladas. AKA Bloody Beer AKA Wham Juice. Bloody Mary's just do not agree with me for the record.

8:47 am - Get to the Beer store only to realize that it doesn't open until 9. Shit.

8:53 am - Order a chicken biscuit (or 3) from Popeye's Chicken. Louisiana....FAST

9:02 am - Pay the friendly Korean man that owns my local beer store.

9:38 am - Jerk off.

10:07 am - "With the first pick of the 2009 NFL Draft the Detroit Lions select.....I'd like to interrupt this announcement and inform one and all that I am Roger Goddell, King of the Universe. I rule all. The only non-penalized touchdown celebration will be when players pay homage to me. Roger Goddell. King of the Universe. By the way, they pick Matthew Stafford Quarterback University of Georgia.

10:30-10:50 am - The Browns find another way to fuck yet another draft.

11 am - I momentarily get over the Browns pick because the Nuggets have tipped off. Fuck yeah, hell yeah. CP3 will forever be known as the "American Flopper" (thanks to Nuggets color commentator / local radio host / former awful NBA player Scott Hastings for that one)

11 am - 2 pm - Draft on one TV. Nuggets on another TV. Maybe occasionally flipping to Red Sox vs. Yankees on the off chance there is a brawl.

And that was going to be my day. Now its ruined. I'm awake. What the hell am I supposed to do for the next two hours? Read the paper? Study? Drink coffee?




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