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32 beautiful ladies in this tournament, 30 outstanding games played, and it all comes down to this one game: Australian sensation Krystal Forscutt against British bombshell Keeley Hazell.

Yes, we're here at the 2009 Hot Ladies Tournament Championship. Some people circle their birthdays or Christmas on their calendars. I go with this. The problem is I didn't know exactly which day we'd do this so I pretty much circled the entire months of April and May.

We think this is going to be the most competitive, intense, pants-tenting game of the entire tournament. Each of these ladies is a #2 seed, and each 22 years old. Each destroyed their competition in every game of this tournament. Krystal knocked off ladies such as the defending champion Megan Fox and Alyssa Milano. Keeley blew out Elisha Cuthbert and Jessica Alba.

Which one of these ladies will be our newest champion? You'll play a part in deciding that, by voting at the end of the post. Voting will be available for 72 hours. Let's tip off the 2009 Hot Ladies Tournament Championship!

Krystal Forscutt
Krystal is an Australian model that has really made a name for herself in this tournament. She's popular in her homeland, appearing in reality television shows such as Big Brother aside from the modeling, but for some reason you don't hear much about her beauty over here in the states. Well she's currently trying to break through in Hollywood, and I can't imagine it will be difficult to find some roles where she can be superb eye candy on the big screen at least. At just 22, Krystal's just entering her babe prime and we think she's on her way to stardom.

Keeley Hazell
It's pretty incredible Keeley's only 22, as she's been one of the most popular models in the world for a few years. Look what she's already done: #1 in Zoo's "Britain's 10 Sexiest Models, #1 in Zoo's "100 Sexiest Bodies" of 2005 and 2006, #2 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World " in 2006 and 2007, #3 in the same award in 2008, #2 in the IGN Babe Election 2008, #4 in AskMen.Com's 2009 "Top 99 Most Desirable Women", and #5 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World" in 2009.

Can she add a Hot Ladies Tournament title to that impressive babeume?

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