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Breaking Type Stuff: Nadal Eliminated

Posted by FlyAtTheThigh | 5/31/2009 10:00:00 AM | , ,

I'm not a tennis guy, but I know a mega upset when I see it. The 23 seed, Robin Soderling, has defeated Rafael Nadal in the 4th round of the French Open. I believe Nadal had won this event five straight times. Maybe six. I have no idea. When Clapp wakes up, I'm sure he'll have more worthwhile information.

The Cavs lose on Saturday, Nadal on Sunday. It is the weekend of the upsets (both in the players/teams and the commissioners).

Clapp: Wow, just wow. I'm a huge tennis fan, and I'm well aware of how much Nadal has dominated this tournament. Not only that, his win in Melbourne this year showed that he's an improving player that is clearly on top of the world. This is a -huge- upset. If anybody else wins at Roland Garros other than Nadal these days, that's a huge upset in itself.

Now it's time for Roger Federer to step up. When Nadal beat him in Melbourne, you could tell Federer thought his days as the top tennis player in the world were over, as did those of us that watched. Well, if he could find a way to win this now, it would be a major boost for his confidence, and it would be outstanding for tennis. Tennis needs this rivalry right now, and it appeared it was on its way to becoming quite one-sided in favor of Nadal. If Federer can win the "Nadal Open", the rivalary will be plenty worthwhile for a bit longer. Ideally of course, he'd do it against Nadal, but he won't complain if he can find a way to win this.

That's especially the case since with all of the amazing things Federer's done on the tennis court, he's never won the French Open.

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