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I'm a diehard Chicago Bears fan, but always had the utmost respect for Brett Favre while he played for our biggest rival, the Green Bay Packers. He was incredibly competitive, had the best arm I'd ever seen, and was just a flat-out winner. He constantly defeated my Bears, and I should have hated him for that, but I just admired him too much.

Well, so much for that. I've turned on Brett Favre like Anakin Skywalker turned on the Jedi. I'm sick and tired of this retirement saga. He's turned into America's biggest drama queen, and that's a title you certainly don't want to have as a man.

It all began on March 4, 2008. After 16 seasons with the Green Bay Packers that included nine Pro Bowl selections, three MVP awards, and a Super Bowl championship, Favre fittingly decided to retire as a member of the team. He felt he still had some ability left, but was mentally tired and not enjoying the game quite as much as he used to. He'd have to win a Super Bowl to make another season worth it:

If I felt like coming back -- and Deanna [his wife] and I talked about this -- the only way for me to be successful would be to win a Super Bowl. To go to the Super Bowl and lose, would almost be worse than anything else. Anything less than a Super Bowl win would be unsuccessful.
I know it shouldn't feel unsuccessful, but the only way to come back and make that be the right decision would be to come back and win a Super Bowl. And honestly, the odds of that, they're tough. Those are big shoes for me to fill, and I guess it was a challenge I wasn't up for.
I know I can still play, but it's like I told my wife, I'm just tired mentally. I'm just tired.

He had retired after an MVP-caliber 2007 season in which he took the Packers to the NFC Championship game. Retiring with the team he had all those special years with, and doing it after a spectacular season was the right way to go.

But after a few months, Brett got the urge to comeback like many figured he would. As he had said in his retirement press conference, he felt he could still could play at a high level and had demonstrated that was the case in 2007.

So he wanted to comeback, but there was one major problem: the Packers didn't want him back. They had moved on, and wanted to give quarterback Aaron Rodgers a chance to play. After all, they used a first round pick on him in 2005, and he sat on the bench while Favre played from 2005-2007. It was time to see what Rodgers could do after handing him a wealthy contract.

Favre put the Packers in an incredibly difficult position. He caused constant drama for months and a media circus that was clearly a distraction to the team. Head coach Mike McCarthy blew up a couple times at the media, as he understandably just wanted to concentrate on his team in training camp, and get them prepared for the 2008 season. He didn't want to continuously answer questions about a guy that wasn't going to be a part of his team's 2008 season and beyond.

The Packers told Favre that they would try to deal him, but Favre only wanted to go to a team that would give him a chance to win a Super Bowl, making things even more difficult for the Packers. As talented as Favre still was, teams aren't lining up to bring this drama into their training camp. How well have the Dallas Cowboys done with all the drama and media attention in recent years? It's tough to succeed when you have these constant distractions surrounding the team and you can't just focus on football.

Favre felt the New York Jets were one of those potential Super Bowl teams, which was a bit of a head-scratcher after they went 4-12 in 2007, even with some nice 2008 offseason moves. On August 7, 2008, the Packers granted Favre his wish, dealing him to the Jets for a conditional draft pick.

He'd have an up and down season with the Jets, leading the team to an 8-3 start, but threw eight interceptions compared to just two touchdowns in the last five games. He'd finish the season with 22 touchdown passes, but a league-leading 22 interceptions as well. The Jets failed to make the playoffs which was a major disappointment after such a terrific start.

Those of us with half a brain knew that Brett would at least get the itch to comeback, especially when we learned a torn biceps tendon on his throwing shoulder(right) would only require arthroscopic surgery, rather than potentially being an injury that would officially end his career, regardless of what he wanted to do.

That would've been a good thing for most of us that are incredibly annoyed by this saga and just want it to come to an end. Favre tried to make us believe that would be the case on February 11, when he announced his retirement, again:

I have family and friends who are like, 'All right, Brett. Is this the real deal?' To me, it is. It is. Believe me. It's been a wonderful career, I couldn't ask for anything more. It was worth a shot for me to go to New York. I wish I could've played better down the stretch. I didn't.

It's time to leave.


Sure, Brett. I think at this point I'd believe O.J. Simpson over Brett Favre. He didn't leave the game how he wanted to, and he's reportedly angry at the Packers, wanting to stick it to them.

Why is he angry at the Packers? That's a good question that I still can't quite understand. Favre's failing to face reality and realize that he caused any problems between him and Green Bay, not the other way around.

Again, the Packers patiently waited to give Aaron Rodgers a chance to play. They drafted him to be a starting quarterback, assuming Favre would retire within a year or two. He'd hinted that he would retire soon for a few years, so it made perfect sense.

The Packers turned down opportunities to deal Rodgers to other teams. Favre continuing to return was much appreciated by the fans and probably better for the chances of the team to succeed at the time, but it was killing Rodgers' chance to develop at the same time. So when Favre announced his retirement, the Packers decided enough is enough, we're going with Rodgers and that's that.

Favre essentially begged to comeback, and the Packers said sorry, but our team's prepared to get ready for the 2008 season and you chose to not be a part of it already. You're a great player, but you're not bigger than the team, as much as you seem to think that.

What makes it even funnier is that Rodgers outplayed Favre in 2008. Rodgers threw 28 touchdown passes, just 13 interceptions, passed for 4038 yards, and had a 93.8 QB rating. Yes his team just won six games, but anybody that watched this team on a consistent basis knows that was hardly his fault. They had a non-existent running game for much of the season, and a very inconsistent defense that was particularly bad at stopping the run game. It was much like Jay Cutler's situation in Denver really. Getting back to the point, Favre's mad at the Packers, but it turns out they made the right decision for last year, and definitely for the future.

So it was no surprise when reports surfaced today that Brett Favre is expected to meet with Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress in the next week. The Vikings are a very good team on both sides of the ball, that could escalate to Super Bowl competitors with improvement at the quarterback position, where they have Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson competing for the starting job. They're also of course in the NFC North and play the Packers twice a year.

Therefore, I think it's pretty clear what is likely(I think it's surely) about to happen. Favre's going to play for the Vikings, continue to hurt his legacy barring a Super Bowl championship, and look like a bigger liar by the day. Then he's probably going to have us go through this same process all over again next year. He's also going to turn many Packers fans against him forever. after he would've been the king of Wisconsin for the rest of his life.

Just do us a favor and stay retired Brett. Heck, just don't even show up on our televisions for ten years. Hang out in your Wranglers and ride your John Deere around in Mississippi, just please stop annoying us. Outside of the Vikings organization and fan base, ESPN for ratings, and the NFL because this talk of you gets the league so much absurd attention, nobody wants you back.

Maybe I'll remove the title of "America's Biggest Drama Queen" then, and get at least a little bit of respect for you back. Who am I kidding? Let's get the crown made.

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