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Holy balls of steaming crap. Was that a rugged week of NBA hoop, or what? Since the Mavs forced a game 5 in their series with Denver the NBA playoffs have taken a sharp turn from Must-See-TV into I wouldn't waste DVR space with what I'm seeing.

Was there any doubt that the Magic and Lakers would prevail? The Magic were the better team throughout the series. If not for a couple of furious 4th Quarter comebacks by the C's (or monumental 4th Quarter collapses by the Magic, both are accurate), the Magic win that series in 5. Orlando just had too much front court depth for a sans-KG Boston squad. Great fight by the Celts though.

Is there anybody that isn't scratching their head about the Lakers / Rockets series? If you understand what went down in that 7 game marathon I'd love for you to explain it to me. How in the name of David Stern did the Rockets win games 4 and 6? I understand the great defense part, but holy cow was that series ugly. After Yao went down the series went something like this: inexplicable victory by the Rockets, nearly unfathomable blowout by the Lakers, even more inexplicable win by the fighting Battier's, another blowout by the Lakers in a really ugly game. Yuck.

Finally, finally, finally we get to the Conference Finals. These are some tasty match-ups. Western Conference Finals Preview coming tomorrow. Eastern Conference Finals Preview hittin the blogosphere on Wednesday.

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