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On Saturday night in a very important NCAA baseball game in the regionals, the Texas Longhorns beat the Boston College Eagles 3-2 in 25 innings, making it the longest game in NCAA history. The previous record for the most innings in an NCAA baseball game happened in 1971, in a game between Louisiana-Lafayette and McNeese State.

This game contained plenty of other incredible statistics and nuggets as you would expect. Here are some that really stood out to me, and feel free to post any others I don't have on here:

  • The game lasted 7 hours, 3 minutes. It ended at 1:05 AM local time(central time).
  • There were 683 pitches thrown.
  • There were 192 plate appearances and 171 at bats.
  • Texas pitcher Austin Wood threw 13 innings and 169 pitches out of the bullpen.
  • Wood did not allow a hit for the first 12 1/3 innings.
  • Wood allowed 2 hits, 0 runs, 4 walks, and struck out 14 in those 13 innings pitched.
  • 120 of Wood's 169 pitches were strikes.
  • Texas' Michael Torres and Travis Tucker each had 12 at bats, so they now share an NCAA record for most at bats in a game.
  • Tucker hit the game-winning single in his 12th at bat.
  • Texas scored 2 runs in the 2nd inning, then not again until the 25th. So it took them 23 innings to score another run.
  • Boston College's Mike Belfiore had an amazing pitching performance as well that was overshadowed by Wood's. He pitched 9 2/3 innings, allowed 3 hits, 0 runs, 0 walks, and struck out 13 over 129 pitches in relief.
  • Texas' Austin Dicharry recorded the win, and pitched 5 2/3 of 1-hit ball with no runs allowed.
  • Boston College only had 1 extra-base hit.
  • There were 42 strikeouts.
  • 7 pitchers did not allow a run.
  • Texas left 24 runners on base.
  • Boston College only had 8 hits.
  • Boston College did not commit an error.
  • Boston College did not attempt a stolen base.
  • Texas had 91 at bats and 103 plate appearances.
  • There were 4 runs scored through 6 innings, then none for the next 18 innings.
  • There were no triples and only 1 home run.
Link to the box score and play-by-play

Note: I found many of those statistics myself cracking numbers in the box score, and I'm no math expert, so it's possible I could've miscalculated something. If I did, please correct me and I'll make the necessary changes. I still can't figure out how they calculate credit card processing fees.

Here's a couple quotes from the coaches after the game that I found interesting as well...

Texas coach Augie Garrido, who holds the Division I record for career victories, on Austin Wood's pitching peformance:
"In my 41 years of coaching, the effort by Austin Wood was the best pitching performance I have ever seen."

Boston College coach Mike Aoki:
"I've never been a part of anything like this. In fact, nobody in college baseball has been part of anything like this."
Link(Google-Associated Press)

I'm a baseball nut, so when I heard there was a game going on in the 21st inning, I had to watch it. It was only available to view online with an awful camera angle and poor video quality, but it was still amazing to witness history, and I love extra inning games. It's so fascinating to me how managers are going to handle the situation, particularly with their use of the bullpen. In this game for example, the managers were surely near a point where they'd have to use position players that last pitched in high school, if at all in their lives, to come in to pitch.

It was every bit as unbelievable to see the box score after the game and read some of the recaps of it, as I was unaware of most of that stuff in the four innings I was able to catch. Heck, there's probably more records and astounding tidbits from that game that nobody's even become aware of yet.

It's unfortunate there had to be a loser in this one, and to make matters worse for Boston College, they have to play again at Noon today in against Army an elimination game. If they win though, they'll get to play Texas again. I feel quite comfortable in saying that game could not possibly top this one though.

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