Dinara Safina Is A Man-Lady With An Attitude | Sharapova's Thigh

Dinara Safina is ranked #1 in the WTA, as she has been since April 20. However, people understandably have questioned if she's really the best women's tennis player in the world. Dinara responded to the doubters yesterday in Madrid:

I guess they're jealous that I'm so young and No. 1. I don't know. I really don't know.

To become No. 1 it's not just winning the Grand Slams, it's how you compete the whole year. I won last year four tournaments ... I beat almost all the top-10 players so I think I deserve that spot.

Yes, I didn't win a Grand Slam but I was in two finals and in one semifinal in one year. Many people can't achieve that in a career.

Wow, get off your high horse Dinara. The questioning is very fair. You've never won a Grand Slam tournament, and that IS a big deal.

To me, the #1 ranked player in the world should have at least one Grand Slam title under their belt, and preferably at least a few. Roger Federer held onto the #1 ranking on the men's circuit until it was clear Nadal was more deserving of the honor in 2008 after many Grand Slam victories. Nadal had to take the ranking away from Federer.

And nice of you to say that the other women on the tour are jealous of you. I'm sure they're all just so sad that they don't look like a roided up, mannish female.

I hope you enjoy your reign at the top for a few more weeks. A certain special somebody is soon to be returning from a shoulder injury and ready to take that ranking away from you, sir.

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