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You by now know I'm a blogging nerd, so you probably could've guessed that I'm a Facebook nerd as well. Well on Facebook, I'll find myself participating in these ridiculous "Living Social" applications where you choose your top five in regards to pretty much any topic, and then you show it off to your friends on Facebook. Thrilling, I know.

Anyway, the latest such topic I chose my five for was titled "If you had to form a team to save the world, who would be in it?" So I filled this thing out, and wrote about my characters. I figured with all I had written, I might as well just post it on the Thigh as well, so here it is...

John Kreese
The Cobra Kai sensei. He provides the attitude to do whatever it takes to save the world, at any cost... "No Mercy". He will give this team the proper training to be prepared for any sort of war, is a pretty damn good fighter himself, and has a military history.

Irwin Fletcher
Fletch... The brain to think together ideas, the humor to loosen up the group, and the king of disguise. He can outsmart most anybody and will always get the information he seeks. He can also get us weapons, food, water, and whatever else as he will just put it all on the wealthy Underhills' credit card.

The Terminator
Quite simple really: The ultimate badass. He's unstoppable.

Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
A jedi knight, and he'll do anything to have all the power in the universe. He'll have no hesitation to sweep the leg as Kreese requests. He has a terrific weapon in the light saber, a combination of the jedi force and powers gained through the dark side, and is a superb pilot with experience flying throughout the universe.

Megan Fox(As "Mikaela" From Transformers)
You're probably wondering why she's on here. There's many reasons, and I'll provide a few.

She's a distraction to an enemy. If she does a pose like you see in the picture, it will be impossible for any straight male to not pause what they're doing and take a nice look for oh say, 20 minutes. Unfortunately, they won't have that long to do so when the Terminator or Anakin strikes.

She could also be crucial to a potential peace agreement: The aliens don't destroy our planet, we give her to them to do as they please.

I also specifically chose her character Mikaela, as she's proven she can avoid an attack on our planet from Transformers, and ultimately have the support of at least some of them. We may need backup.

Additionally, if we fail in our efforts, we're going to at least want something nice to look at, and potentially "have some fun with" if you know what I mean.

Feel free to post your team, but it's going to be tough to top this Fab Five.

Update: Bob over at Detroit 4 Lyfe posted his team in response to mine.

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