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2008 Hot Ladies Tournament champion Megan Fox arrives at the 2009 Thighnal Four.

I'm so happy to say these four words: The Thighnal Four is here. And what a foursome it is. We had an incredibly exciting Elite Eight, with all of the beautiful ladies being #1 and #2 seeds. No Cinderellas this year.

The Elite Eight games went about as expected though. Remember, the #1 seeds were assigned automatically to the ladies representing the Thighnal Four in 2008. Therefore, it didn't necessarily mean we thought those four had the best chance of winning this year, and the other 28 ladies didn't have the opportunity to compete in last year's tournament.

Jessica Alba becoming a mom and dressing/looking like it clearly bothered the voters, and young phenom Krystal Forscutt just proved to be too much for the 36-year-old Alyssa Milano.

The other two ladies that are in certainly won't be intimidated by the pressures of the Thighnal Four. That's because these two ladies, Megan Fox and Elisha Cuthbert, were in the championship game last year. Fox of course defeated Cuthbert. Cuthbert would like nothing more than to get a rematch and take the defending champion down. She could get that chance again, and in the championship game again if each can win their upcoming games.

Before we reveal the Thighnal Four matchups, we'd like to congratulate Jessica Alba, Alyssa Milano, Minka Kelly, and Marisa Miller, for a great tournament run even though it ended earlier than they hoped for. You have nothing to be ashamed of ladies. If you need a shoulder to cry on, a hug, a boyfriend, or are just looking for a fun time, I'm always here.

Alright, let's finally take a look at our two Thighnal Four matchups:

Megan Fox(1) vs. Krystal Forscutt(2)

Could there be a better matchup? Each of these gorgeous women are just 22. Fox is the defending champion and only getting better, and Forscutt is the rising star that everybody's been talking about since her Thigh of the Week was revealed. She's become a fan favorite, but will she have enough to take down the defending champion Fox?

The oddsmakers(us) have Fox as a 15 vote(-15) favorite. We're talking a 51%/49% game here.

Elisha Cuthbert(1) vs. Keeley Hazell(2)

Cuthbert made the championship game last year in a field twice this year's size, 64, and she doesn't seem to be slowing down this year, as demonstrated with her impressive victories over Emily Scott(5) and Marisa Miller(2). However, Keeley Hazell is another 22-year-old whose stock is only rising, much like the pants of our readers when they see her pictures. She just destroyed Jessica Alba and is one of the most popular babes out there right now. She's got top-notch kahunas, and as we've seen in this tournament, that can make a big difference in the eyes of our voters.

Although Cuthbert has the experience, Hazell is a 30 vote(-30) favorite. We can definitely see it going either way though.

Check back in the near future and we'll have these games ready to go. I figure we'll extend the voting period to 72 hours or so for this round to give everybody a chance to vote. Maybe we'll even go longer, we'll see how the games are shaping up. If the games are really close, we'll wait until there's a clear winner.

You can see which game(s) is/are going on in our "Hot Ladies Tournament Headlines" section on the right side of the blog. There's also a link for the full bracket there, so you can see how we got to this point.

Thanks to all of you that have contributed thus far, and hopefully you'll continue to do so in our remaining three games.

The road to the Thighnal Four has reached it's end. Now the real fun begins.

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