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This is why I'm an insufferable D'bag

Posted by Poorly Acquitted | 5/11/2009 09:02:00 AM | , ,

Waaaaaaaaaaa. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Waaaaaaaaaaaa. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

That's all I hear coming from the city of Dallas right now.

Waaaaaaaaaaa. You missed a call. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa. My bling was stolen from my condo. Waaaaaaaaaa. I'm sad so I'm going to yell at opposing player's MOTHERS.

Shut the fuck up you retarded little bitches.

Did Mark Wunderlich fail to blow his whistle just prior to Melo nailing the clutchest shot thus far in the 2009 Playoffs? Sure he did.

But the consummate douchebaggery that has flowed out of Dallas since the end of that game is beyond ridiculous.

1. Mark Cuban shoving a cameraman.

2. Josh Howard going after K-Mart.

3. Mark Cuban yelling, unprovoked at K-Mart's mother after the game and explaining to her what a "punk" or "thug", depending on which story you read, her son has become. This is unacceptable. Either way, Cuban has acknowledged the confrontation differing from the unprovoked aspect only in that, according to Cuban, "another fan was already yelling at K-Mart's mom and he stated 'that includes your son.'" Screw you Mark Cuban. I don't care how much money you have or how much you love the Mavs. You do not have carte blanche ability to do whatever the fuck you want during the game. In the seven games against the Nuggets this year, Cuban has chased on of the court at halftime of a game, shoved that same player after that game, bumped an official after another game, yelled at a player's mom after one game. Classy you stupid fuck.

4. Two days later, the Mavs have failed to have any perspective and realize that the only reason the Mavs were even in the game was because of charity from the referees. Mavs were whistled for three fouls in the 4th quarter. Nuggets where whistled for 18 in the third quarter. 18. Once again, 18 called fouls in one quarter. Chris Andersen played only 11 minutes before fouling out. The unacceptably bad refereeing required Linus Kleiza to play 12 minutes. Both teams had foul trouble in the first half. Only one team ultimately ended up with foul trouble. Final tally: 34 fouls on the Nuggets, 27 on the Mavs. Game 3 had David Stern's grubby little "I need to force game 5 at any expense, so I better call my crew and make sure that happens" written all over it, but the Nuggets waived both middle fingers at Dallas and the NBA by prevailing.

4a. The Mavs shot 49 free throws. The Nuggets shot 40. The discrepancy might not seem that bad BUT.....the teams play very different styles, one which centers around taking the ball to basket and getting to the line, the other which is centered around running stagger screens and shooting jumpshots. The Nuggets led the league in free throw attempts per game this year. The Mavs were in the lower teens. The discrepancy is a head scratcher.

5. Even if the foul is called the Nuggets still have 3.5 seconds left.

After the game I spoke with my best friend George (not his real name), a gigantic Mavs fan. All he could say was “That was ironic ending.” No bitching. No crying out for some handout from the NBA. No conspiracy theory that centers around the 2006 Finals versus the Heat.

Series over. Whining probably not over.

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