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If you're a frequent reader of the site(which is quite unlikely), you're well aware of my massive crush on Jessica Alba. Well, that crush is of pre-2009 Jessica Alba I guess, because I'm not liking her much these days.

She became a mother, so understandably she's acting like one. You've surely seen some recent pictures of her where she's dressed in raggedy clothing and making no effort to look hot, when she's still fully capable of it. Heartbreak for me. Aside from that, she's just been acting a bit odd.

Take for example last week, when she ran around Oklahoma City, placing posters of great white sharks all over the place. I'm not kidding. She did this in an effort to raise awareness on great white sharks as you could've guessed, and how their population is shrinking.

Here's some evidence of her work:

I understand the message and all(well actually I only do because I read about it, to somebody walking by, it's just a picture of a shark) but it's a bit random, weird, and frankly, it appears to be a pretty serious case of vandalism. In fact, one of the spots she did this at was on a United Way billboard. What's of more use to Oklahoma, a non-profit organization that is incredibly successful at helping the youth, families, and less fortunate, or spreading the word on the diminishing great white shark population in a state nowhere close to an ocean?

Anyway, she can do a hot magazine photoshoot and all will be forgiven by me.

H/T: The Lost Ogle

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