Leighton Meester Is The Adrian Gonzalez Of Babes | Sharapova's Thigh

Leighton Meester looking gorgeous as always at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards.

I didn't watch the MTV Movie Awards today, but many of you did, and I heard a lot about how amazing Leighton Meester looked there. "This chick is hot!" "Leighton Meester is a babe!" "Who is this girl? I'm in love." Okay I made all of those quotes up, but that's pretty much what I read. Well I'm not sure where everybody's been, but she's been an elite babe for awhile now.

It reminds me much of what's going on with the San Diego Padres' first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. He's been one of the 5-10 best players in baseball for a bit now, but because he's played on one of the worst teams in baseball, and because his home park(Petco Park) is the top pitcher's park in baseball which has prevented his statistics from being where they should be, he hasn't received much attention. Now he leads the majors with 20 home runs, and many are acting like this came out of nowhere, having no clue at all who he is.

It's been like that with Leighton. It's taken her Rolling Stone shoot with fellow hottie Blake Lively, and this MTV Movie Awards appearance for a lot of people to realize how gorgeous she is, when she's in fact been this way all along. Leighton's just not that flashy and doesn't try to really bring out how hot she is that much. Does it really take a boob job or a few sex scenes for many of you to see beauty in women? I'll take a natural beauty like Leighton that looks amazing getting out of bed in the morning than most of these "babes" that need a spray tan or a dozen pounds of makeup on to look good.

Regardless, I'm happy Leighton is finally getting the hottie recognition she's deserved for so long(and same with Adrian for his baseball skills). And because I know you all want to see more pictures like the one at the top...

And last but certainly not least, the obligatory thigh close-up:

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