Maria Sharapova In London Promoting Sony Ericsson & Fashion | Sharapova's Thigh

As Sony Ericsson's main spokesperson, Maria Sharapova was in London on Wednesday to demonstrate an interesting development in technology with the London College of Fashion:

The tennis superstar paired with Sony Ericsson and a student from the London College of Fashion to demonstrate the latest in weird technology: A dress that flashes when your cell phone rings.

The idea behind the dress is that you can’t always hear your phone, so you might need a visual notification. Or you can just check your phone periodically like normal people.

Link ("Maria Sharapova Flashing"- Sports Rubbish)

Crazy stuff, but with Maria promoting it, it's definitely got potential.

Here's a video showing Maria modeling for it, as well as her answering some questions in an interview. This video is a good example of why she's known for more than just her tennis skills, as she's a beautiful and intelligent woman with an awesome personality:

Oh, and she's also in London for a certain tournament known as "Wimbledon" that begins Monday. You may have heard of it. The thigh magic is sure to soon kick in for Maria, and hopefully it starts next week.

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