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The one where people overreact

Posted by FlyAtTheThigh | 6/10/2009 09:29:00 PM | , ,

I'm sure that anyone who has been around the sports world today has heard about the Raul Ibanez steroid "controversy" that has broken out. If you missed the original article, I implore you to read it here.

It's well researched. It's not accusatory (which leads me to believe all the talking heads...*cough*Around the Horn*cough* haven't actually read the piece). It's a valid point of conversation.

And yet...venom. Why? Is it because it came from a blogger? A "non-recognized" form of media? That piece was better written than anything put out by most of ESPN's personalities. It was researched, which means it'd have no place on ESPN radio. And yet, Ken Rosenthal goes on Outside the Lines today and rips into the author of the piece.

It's obvious that mainstream media cannot stand blogs. Why, I don't know. My best guess is because a) bloggers aren't "held accountable" and b) bloggers don't have "access". Meh. As to the first, Jerod at MSF went on Outside the Lines today and put himself out there. As to the second, access really doesn't have much play in the steroid debate, so I'm not sure where to go from here. In fact, I'm just rambling.

Anyways, the venom is undeserved. It was a good piece. Did it convince me that Ibanez was on 'roids? No. And it's not meant to. Does it make me think? Sure, but isn't that what this society is supposed to be about? One where we think and question?

And I don't see the difference between Rosenthal's 'everyone is suspect' and Jerod's "Ibanez is suspect". His entire diatribe on responsibility is nonsensical. I'm of the opinion sure Mr. Rosenthal didn't actually read the piece, and if he did, I feel like he missed out on the point, or refuses to acknowledge that it has valid points outside of this Ibanez witchhunt that people seem to believe the piece is responsible for.

Give the interview a look. I think that as this blogger vs "real" media war continues...the one that only the "real" media is is becoming more and more evident that the bloggers are acting in the more professional manner.

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