The Best Of Leon Black From 'Curb' | Sharapova's Thigh

So I spent the last two hours working on a fantasy football wide receiver keeper rankings post for you, and my computer crashed. Lost all of the crap I'd worked on, and being late, there's no way in hell I'm doing it all again right now. I'm filthy pissed about it.

But obviously we need something up, we're not going to go almost two days without content here. So I decided to go find a nice video for your enjoyment. The choice? It's the best highlights of the character Leon Black(played by J.B. Smoove) from the sixth season of the best show on television, Curb Your Enthusiasm. Leon's only appeared in season six, but will thankfully be in the upcoming season seven as well.

NSFW Warning: There's a lot of bad language on this video, so I'd strongly suggest you do not watch this in a public setting or with any children present. I'd also suggest that the next time somebody calls you a slur word, you get in that ass. That's how we dooz it.

And because for some reason this scene is not on that video...

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