Better flip-off: Megan Fox or Mike Ditka? | Sharapova's Thigh

On Monday, Megan Fox flipped off the paparazzi, as she's likely, and understandably, sick of them following her around every second. When I saw the pictures of this, it reminded me of another incident where the bird is given to the photographers, courtesy of former NFL great tight end and head coach, Mike Ditka.

Now you may be wondering, what the hell is wrong with me in that I immediately think of an old man after seeing a picture of the stunningly gorgeous Megan Fox. Well, I'm a diehard Chicago Bears fan, so Mike Ditka is kind of a big deal to me(as is Megan Fox of course, I am a guy after all, and we'll always honor her for winning the 2008 Hot Ladies Tournament).

Both of them have aviator sunglasses on, black pants, and an "I'm a badass"face.

Anyway, let's get to it... Fox or Ditka? There's a poll at the bottom of the post, so get your vote on.

Megan Fox

Mike Ditka

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