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I hate even mentioning Brett Favre again, as I've been one of the most vocal people on this planet about shutting the hell up about him. It was pretty disgusting today on SportsCenter, as ESPN took 27 minutes to stop the Favre retirement talk and finally inform us of Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson losing his battle with cancer. Rest in peace Jim.

I'm also just sick and tired of Favre's indecisiveness and holier than though attitude(for a more angry, hilarious, and vulgar view: Kissing Suzy Kolber), and wrote two months ago about him being America's biggest drama queen.

But this is a whole separate story which I found very interesting, being the fantasy football lover/nerd that I am. Fox Sports' Roger Rotter(one of my favorite fantasy football writers) wrote an article saying Brett Favre is the greatest fantasy football player of all-time. Here's an excerpt from the article and I highly suggest that you read the whole thing if you're a fantasy football fan as well:

By all final counts, Favre's career numbers translate to the most fantasy points in NFL history. His 65,127 passing yards (adding one fantasy point per 20 yards) and 464 passing touchdowns (tallying six points per touchdown) compute to 3,256 fantasy points and 2,784 fantasy points, respectively. His fantasy points from passing yards and touchdowns total to 6,040 points.

Link("Retirement or not, Favre is fantasy's greatest player"-Fox Sports)

This was a bit of a surprise to me, but like Rotter explains in the article, Favre's longevity and consistency really adds up. I would've immediately guessed it would be somebody like Marshall Faulk, but he only had 11 years of full, or close to full playing time, compared to Favre's 17 years.

Even at the end of his career(well the end for right now at least), he was still a useful fantasy quarterback. I counted ten seasons looking through his stats, where he was an elite fantasy quarterback, and he was at least solid pretty much every other season.

Yes he threw 310 career interceptions, but that's just going to be minus-one or minus-two fantasy points, whereas his 464 touchdown passes are worth four to six points each depending on the league settings. His gunslinging mentality was perfect for fantasy football.

Look for Peyton Manning to overtake Favre as the best fantasy quarterback of all-time though, if Manning plays into his late 30s or longer. The 32-year-old Manning is currently at 333 passing touchdowns, 45, 628 passing yards, just 165 interceptions, and has 17 rushing touchdowns.

Alright, that's enough. I can't talk about Favre anymore.

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