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O'Doul's: Making you think you're actually drinking and ridding your home of burglars.

I give you a burglary case that will have you shaking your head for both the burglar and the victim involved. Here's basically what you need to know:

An Ellsworth man who allegedly was intoxicated when he broke into a local man’s home early Monday accepted a beer from the homeowner as incentive to leave but failed to notice the beer contained no alcohol, according to local police.

Scott Cote, 22, remained in jail Monday afternoon after he allegedly broke into a man’s Cleftstone Road home and woke him up around 4 a.m. Monday, police wrote in a report about the incident. The homeowner, after waking up to find Cote in his bedroom, convinced Cote to leave by giving him a nonalcoholic beer, police indicated.

“[The resident] gave suspect a [nonalcoholic] beer to bribe him to leave the residence,” the police report said.

Police arrested Cote on a charge of burglary but also charged him with burglary of a motor vehicle, criminal mischief, operating a motor vehicle after revocation and violating the conditions of release, police indicated in the report.

Tip of the cap to Bangor Daily News, thigh five them

So a dude breaks into a home, and the homeowner gets him to leave by giving him a beer. What in the hell?

And the best part is this free beer also happens to be alcohol-free and this guy doesn't even notice. Definitely hammered. On a side note, that's an experiment I've always wanted to try out: Put a keg of non-alcoholic beer at a party and see how many people think they're drunk. That also reminds me of one of my favorite Beavis and Butthead episodes, "Buy Beer":

Anyway, back to this ridiculous story. I just have so many questions for both sides involved in this incident. What is this guy breaking into a home for, hanging out, and then leaving once offered a beer? Did he break into the home intending to find alcohol? Couldn't he have just gone to the refrigerator before the homeowner woke up? Was he hoping to steal some valuables, but the homeowner woke up? He did try to steal cars after leaving this home, so that's possible. Odds are he was just blackout drunk and not thinking at all. Believe me, I've been there... like four days ago.

As for the homeowner, what made him offer a beer and think that would get a burglar out of his home? The fact this guy was clearly drunk may have just led the homeowner to bring up alcohol right away I guess. The homeowner didn't call the cops until after this guy left, why not do it right away? I suppose this drunk guy could've been threatening and you're automatically worried somebody that's breaking into a house.

So many questions, so few answers. One thing is for sure though: I've never heard of anything like this.

Lastly, why do you carry non-alcoholic beer in your house? I'll never quite understand that one.

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