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Like most of you I have the MLB Home Run Derby on the flatscreen right now. Like me, I'm sure that most of you can pick your favorite childhood TV show from the following list:

NFL PrimeTime
Baseball Tonight (before it sucked)
GI Joe (the cartoon series)
American Gladiators (the Mike Adamle version)

Ok, so like I said, I'm watching the Home Run Derby. Chris Berman is doing his standard schtick.

Backbackbackbackback GONE!!

Handing out random nicknames to everybody.

Telling corny jokes.

Dropping the most random piece of crap pieces of knowledge ever.

You're all listening. You all know exactly the routine I'm talking about.

Ok, I'm done rambling, I swear.

When you a kid you loved Chris Berman. Don't act like you didn't, because you are lying to yourself and to me. Once we turned like 15 (circa 2000) we began to grow sick of Chris Berman. Prime Time started to become campy. We got sick of his routine on the baseball shows. We started to despise his voice. And then he did Nutrisystem. (envision me shaking my head with disgust because words can't describe those thoughts).

Random interjection: The catch that kid just made to get Pujols HR #3 was sweet.

To summarize the post in the event you are joining late: From 2000 until possibly today I've despised Chris Berman (and I think many of you feel the same way).

I'm going to submit something to you: Berman might not actually be that bad. The first round has taken almost 60 minutes to complete. It has been exceptionally boring. Nelson Cruz has been the most impressive dude up to this point and he went very first. Berman has managed to keep the last 45 minutes moving. At least attempting to keep it interesting.

I'm just saying, maybe he's not that bad.

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