Guilty Pleasure(?) Because Of Leighton Meester: "Good Girls Go Bad" | Sharapova's Thigh

Leighton Meester could make me thoroughly enjoy anything.

I'm not sure if what I'm dealing with here is a guilty pleasure, or simply a case of me just being a normal guy interested in looking at really hot women(something that disgusts Gregg Doyel).

What we have is the Cobra Starship song "Good Girls Go Bad", or more specifically the video for it. I had never even heard of Cobra Starship before this, and they seem quite douchey. I wouldn't mind Cobra Kai giving them a nice sweep of the leg.

I will give them major props though for their selection in babes, as they were able to reel in the lovely Leighton Meester to sing in "Good Girls Go Bad" and appear in the music video. Leighton, a Thigh of the Week alum and the Adrian Gonzalez of babes, is not just some random hottie they chose to include in this song, as she's releasing a debut album herself this fall. She shows off some pretty good vocals in this video, as well as a sensational thigh in its prime.

Let's hope her music career takes off and we'll be seeing many more videos like this, because damn is she hot, especially when she tries to be. Oh, and as you've surely heard, there's already a more revealing video of her making the rounds.

Anyway, I'll admit, that song is kind of catchy too. I can already see this coming on at the bar and me busting out the charleston on the dance floor to it.

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