Maybe I'll Finally Go Into Starbucks: Booze Could Be On The Way | Sharapova's Thigh

I don't drink coffee or any of that fancy espresso shit, so I've basically always had no use to walk into a Starbucks to hang out with all the cool emo kids studying for their next exam on dramatic literature. This is coming from an English major even.

But that would change quickly if Starbucks decided to added some booze to their selection of drinks. They're giving it a test drive in a couple of Seattle locations:

Starbucks Corp. will add beer and wine to its menu of coffees, teas and snacks at one of its Seattle locations. The store has been named “15th Avenue Coffee and Tea inspired by Starbucks” and will open Friday.

Starbucks plans to serve alcohol at two additional stores in Seattle and is determining locations for these stores, which will open in the coming months, a Starbucks spokeswoman said. The performance of the Seattle area stores will determine if Starbucks will sell alcohol elsewhere.

Link(San Francisco Business Times)

Now you people know how this works. If they sell a lot of booze and all goes well, the distribution grows. So if you live in Seattle, please start drinking up in your local Starbucks.

Starbucks are on basically every damn corner in a worthwhile city, having an extra place to stop in for a cold longneck would be great. And then maybe they expand to putting alcohol in all those crazy drinks they make.

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