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Really interesting Bob Gibson Take

Posted by Poorly Acquitted | 7/14/2009 08:04:00 AM | , ,

Normally I need to down at least one cup of coffee before I blog, but I had to throw this out there. I was just watching Mike and Mike in Morning. As part of their All Star Festivities they had former Cardinal great Bob Gibson on the show.

They were talking to Gibson about pitching inside, two of his more memorable quotes:

"The first time I faced X, I hit him right in the elbow. He was one of my best friends, and remains one of my best friends, but he was leaning out over the plate." I can't remember X's name.

Greeny "How do you feel about all the body armor players wear these days?"
Gibson "Oh, I'd try and break it."

Kind of funny, but no all that an interesting take until they interject the mandatory steroids question. I was shocked by Gibson's response. He basically gave the "If you ain't cheatin, you ain't trying" response. He went so far as to say that he isn't sure if he would have used if roids were prevalent during his time.

During the course of the interview he said that the first guy that doped is despicable and that he is the one that deserves the ire of the press, fans and media. He expressed the opinion that everybody afterward is just trying to keep up.

He ended the interview by saying that players in the roids era deserve to be in Cooperstown, even dirty players.

From a dude that has such a hardcore reputation I was pleasantly shocked by such a candid take. I feel like you get a lot of older players that like to grandstand and bash the shit out of current players.Roids are wrong and they take away a lot from the game, but I respect the heck out of that take from Gibson.

I don't know if I agree with him, but interesting take.

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