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The Indians just traded Victor Martinez to the Boston Red Sox. It doesn't even matter who they received in return.

To sum it up, in the last 20 months the Indians have gone from blowing a 3 -1 lead in the ALCS, to entering the 2008 season with the best pitching staff in baseball and a helluva line up to back it up, to having 2008 wrecked by a slew of injuries, to becoming the first team IN THE HISTORY OF BASEBALL to trade the defending Cy Young Award winner in back to back seasons, to now dismantling the team and cashing in the chips for this year and next year too.

This is absolute crap.

Long time readers of the Thigh know I'm a Tribe fan. Newer readers now are also akin to this fact.

After the 2007 ALCS debacle my only solace was knowing that the Tribe had a good team for years to come. I knew we probably only had CC for one more year, but that was ok because Fausto Carmona looked primed to step into his shoes. Cliff Lee was healthy again and had a great season at Triple A and would part of the rotation in 08. Jake Westbrook was a steady eddy middle of the rotation starter. They had a slew of guys capable of filling that fifth starter role.

CC gets traded. Jake has Tommy John surgery. Fausto can't throw a strike any more. The bullpen became almost historically bad. Cliff gets traded.


I could stomach the Indians trading Ryan Garko. He was a great clubhouse guy and a clutch hitter. The Tribe had a logjam at catcher and 1st base and somebody had to go. I wished it was Kelly Shoppach and not Garko, but oh well.

I was taking the bar exam this week, so I didn't have much time to think about the Lee trade. I tried to rationalize it while pouding out Constitutional Law and Criminal Law essays.

Then this morning happened. Victor Martinez is off to Bean Town. Blllleeeeehhhhh.

Victor Martinez is probably the closest thing the American League has to a Triple Crown threat in a given year. He'll never win it, but he hits for power and average.

The Indians are left to start over. This is so damn frustrating.

Over the last couple months of the season we're going to see some of the prospects from the CC and Victor trade called up. We probably won't see any of the guys from the Lee trade called up this year.

Welp, see you in 2011.

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