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Nicky Whelan

More Australian thigh, thanks to our good friend John Akers who is currently there scouting it for us. Man do they make the ladies good down under apparently.

Nicky Whelan is a 25-year-old actress and model. She's well know for her role in the Australian television show Neighbours. She's hosted a bunch of television shows as well, such as Coxy's Big Break.

Her acting career is starting to really take off, and she's starring in an upcoming movie with David Spade called Hollywood And Wine. She met Spade in 2007 and they're now very close, rumored to even be dating or hooking up. Making movies with Chris Farley, being on SNL, apparently going home to this ass... I'm a bit jealous of Mr. Spade.

We're going to be seeing a lot more of Whelan thankfully and she's capable of entering the upper echelon of hotness popularity in the states. I'm talking the Jessica Alba/Elisha Cuthbert/Megan Fox range. In other words, Thighnal Four range...

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