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The next time the mainstream media releases a "story" with any of the following headlines I'm going to scream. Literally. It will sound like a Siren has been released in my apartment. The list:

"XXX smoked marijuana in high school."

"XXX got drunk in college."

"XXX was in a fraternity / sorority and was seen in scandalous pics with co-eds"

"XXX likes to throw a few back during the offseason."

Gimme a break. I cannot believe that kitsch like this is still newsworthy.

A book released this week proclaims that LeBron smoked pot in high school. In other earth shattering news: water is wet, the sky is blue, MJ wore 23.

This is a headline? People actually care about this shit?

Lets break from our flurry of activity on ESPN this morning so that Hannah Storm or Chris McKendry can have a serious discussion with the audience. LeBron smoked weed. We at ESPN deplore this practice.

This stuff is so stupid and obviously bugs me. We have all been kids. We have all been stupid. We have all experimented with stuff we should not have experimented with. That includes you newscasters, sportscasters, journalists, paparazzi, politicians and other lace curtain mofo that wants to stand in their ivory tower. Grow up.

I'm all for holding athletes / celebs to a higher social standard. That's fine. Part of that higher standard is not digging up stuff that occurred during adolescence.

LeBron smokin' that doja is not a story. Grown ass adults acting like it is a story is yet another unfortuanate example of the media acting like they are some sort of super human life form immune from the tempations of life on Planet Earth.

The better story would read something like this:

Hannah Storm: "In a new book released earlier this week XXX stated that XXX did XXX while in high school."

Josh Elliott: "This breaking news just in. While Hannah Storm was in high school she was caught sniffing the jocks of the entire male basketball team. Later that same night she smoked a doobie, drank some jungle juice, and got to third base with the starting point guard."

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