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Angry Green Girl(black shirt) and friends at a waterless bikini car wash.

As you know, we love the ladies here at the Thigh. We especially love the ladies that have great personalities(take a step back Danica Patrick), are intelligent(take a giant step back Audrina Patridge, if you can read this... just forget it), and are actually doing good things for this world(bye Kristin Cavallari, Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag... and Audrina Patridge if again, you can read this).

Well let me introduce you to a new organization/website that brings you ladies with those qualities and more: AngryGreenGirl.Com.

Angry Green Girl's website just launched in the last few days and I think it's going to be quite successful. Here's a description:
Angry Green Girl is a brash, sexy and funny green lifestyle destination. The site features green product reviews, message boards, social networking and a lively blog - but the centerpiece of the site is video content starring Angry Green Girl and friends delivering straight talk on how to "Green Up."
"Angry Girl Girl and friends" are gorgeous women giving tips on how to be green, or environmentally friendly. So you can watch videos of beautiful ladies, and actually LEARN something useful at the same time. I might be pretty smart if my high school and college classes used such teaching methods.

This past Tuesday, Angry Green Girl showed they can walk the walk with all of the green talk you see on their website, as they held a WATERLESS bikini car wash in Los Angeles, using earth-friendly car wash products. Here's some visual evidence of the event:

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