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She doesn't come with the Port-o-Pong, but take it out to the pool and many like her will join you.

Last weekend, my buddy Topher and I hit up the nearest pool that usually has college-aged ladies(and guys but we do our best block them out).

Like Stifler tells Jim in American Pie 2, when I take my shirt off, it can scare the chicks away. Not this time though, and it's not because I all of a sudden got a beach body. It's because we brought my new Port-o-Pong, an inflatable beer pong table/raft, into the pool.

Within ten minutes, we had three soon-to-be drunk hotties in the pool with us playing. It's the best babe magnet I've ever owned in my life. And aside from the fact it attracts girls(and obviously guys if you girls have one, because guys love drinking and beer pong... and you, because you're a girl), it's just -awesome-. I mean it's a beer pong table you can take and use about anywhere.

I bought the Port-o-Pong about aed month ago on TailgatingIdeas.Com, after wanting one of these for a couple years. I'm a beer pong nut. It's really the only drinking game I play and my friends and I get pretty damn competitive with it.

There's been a lot of situations recently where we wanted to play beer pong, but didn't have a ping pong table, or any sort of table that would be good enough to play on. That's why I finally decided to give the Port-o-Pong a purchase recently.

All you have to do is blow up the Port-o-Pong, and you have a beer pong table ready to go. There's ten cup holders built into the table that show up when you blow it up. There's even two cup holders for water cups on each side. It's brilliant.

Find any surface that can hold a raft and you're good to go. Put it in a pool, a lake, on a table, on a bed, on the floor, etc. There's even strings that come with it along with spots on the raft to hook them onto if you want to hook it up to a tent for example while you tailgate. I'm pumped to bring this to tailgate before any football games especially.

And if you go on a spring break trip, this will be kickass. Believe me, walk this thing around in South Padre, and you're going to make a shitload of lady friends fast.

Tailgating Ideas describes the specifics about it and what all comes with the purchase: "The Port-o-Pong is made of durable vinyl and its dimensions are 72″ x 36″ x 4″ when fully inflated. A complete Port-o-Pong beer pong table comes with the inflatable playing surface, four (4) pool strings, two (2) repair patches and a set of instructions."

As you can see(and believe me it was a concern of mine), the Port-o-Pong is durable, and it comes with two repair patches in case you pop a hole in there. So far after playing it a few times and not being too delicate with it, not a single problem to speak of.

So if you're a beer pong fan like I am, you should get your hands on one of these. It costs a lot to get a ping pong table, and is a pain in the ass to make a worthwhile table. You also can't bring those around anywhere you want to go like the Port-o-Pong. It folds up easily(when not inflated of course) and you can just carry it in your hands without a problem.

I urge you to go to Tailgating Ideas like I did and pick one up. Hurry and do it while the summer's still here. And tell them the Thigh sent you:

Get Your Own Port-o-Pong!

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