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Maria Sharapova's tennis career is nowhere close to being done.

I checked up on the latest news involving Maria Sharapova, and couldn't believe one article I came across. It's titled "Sharapova not even thinking about retirement". You're damn right she's not.

Here's a couple excerpts from the article:

Retirement is not in the works, at least not immediately.

“I’m very used to speculation,” Sharapova said with a giggle Wednesday.

“There’s a lot of that in my career, and it comes with the territory of being a professional athlete. The only thing that matters is what goes on out on the court, and how you perform.”

“When you’re coming back from surgery, you don’t want to overdo it,” Sharapova said. “I’m certainly going to do everything I can, that’s in my power, to go out and stay on the court as long as I can. But I also have to be really smart. I mean, I have a really long career ahead of me.”

Link(The Vancouver Sun)

Maria just turned 22 in April and was ranked #1 just last year before she went down with the shoulder injury. She's struggling right now as the shoulder still isn't 100%.

Tennis isn't a sport you're away from for a year and all of a sudden step right back in and dominate either. That alone should cause you to struggle for a bit, and add in a hurting right shoulder for a right-handed player, it's going to take some time to be back to the real Maria Sharapova on the tennis court.

What's really stupid is the perception that she's another Anna Kournikova. Yes, like Anna, she's unbelievably hot. Yes, like Anna, she does some modelling and has other opportunities that 99% of female tennis players don't. That's basically where it ends though.

Anna was a pretty terrible player whose tennis career was going nowhere. She also didn't have the greatest work ethic to get better. She chose to just turn to being a model and whatnot, which was probably the smart choice in her situation.

Maria however, is an elite tennis player(when healthy) and works as hard as anybody on the circuit to get better. All of the extra stuff is indeed -extra- stuff and will be that way for a long time. Additionally, she understands that those things will still be there in five+ years.

The knee-jerk reactions in sports never fail to amaze me. All of you suggesting a Maria Sharapova after a few months of struggling, while she's playing at under 100%, are going to look really stupid when she's on top of the world rankings again soon.

Believe in the Thigh Goddess.

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