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Dear Mr. Goodell: Let Them Tweet!

Posted by Koz | 8/07/2009 12:10:00 AM | , , ,

Dear Rog (can I call you Rog?),

This is an open letter from the fellows at the Thigh requesting that the NFL please reconsider the banishment of Twitter from the NFL games. We here at the Thigh think the NFL should EMBRACE this new technology, and incorporate it as much as possible. NFL Films can no longer deliver the inside stories we desire from our football Sundays. No sir. Twitter is the answer.

As a matter of fact, we think anyone incorporated in the NFL should be required to do it during games. Who wouldn't want a peek at these gems?

Travis Henry is:

3 yards and a cloud of dust? More like 2.4 yards and a paternity suit.

Matt Leinart is:

I am totally nailing that blonde in the front row after the game.

Ben Roethlisberger is:

These accusations are ridiculous. Going to beat the sh*t out of that
woman if I ever see her again.

Michael Crabtree is:

A whiny bitch.

(had to get my 49ers fandom out of me for a minute there. You heard me
Michael. Shut your fucking mouth and sign the damn contract.)

Steve McNair is:

Should have bought her a Mercedes instead. (Too soon?)

Mike Singletary is:


Donte’ Stallworth is:

(Chug chug…) BEEP BEEEEEP!

Kurt Warner is:

Jesus told me to write this Tweet.

Matt Millen is:

These broadcasting workgroups with Captain Obvious have been going
very well for me.

Peyton Manning is:

Need a spokesman? I’m available.

Brett Favre is:

Feels good to retire in these Wrangler jeans…you’ll never hear from me again.

Brett Favre is:

No, seriously…it’s over. I’ll never bother you anymore.

Brett Favre is:

3 minutes since my last Tweet…you guys done talking about me yet? I hope not.

Brett Favre is:

I wonder if the UFL will have a team at my local high school…that’d be

Brett Favre is:

Sorry, stepped out for a minute to take a leak. Did I miss anything?

Brett Favre is:

(posting limit has been reached. Please wait 15 seconds. Thanks,
Twitter Management.)

Brett Favre is:

Holy sh*t that was intense. Almost as intense as that sack Strahan had
on me to set the league record. I was so scared that whole time.

Brett Favre is:

Damn these Vicodin are good. Hainvg troulble typing noww.

Brady Quinn is:

Damn my arms look huge in this practice top. Mmmmm. I am delicious,
look at how far I threw that ball. Hawt.

Michael Vick is:

Hope the Browns trade Quinn so I can be in the Dawg Pound where I feel

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