Jessica Alba Is Trying To Win Me Back(Bikini Beach Photos) | Sharapova's Thigh

Jessica Alba's world famous ass pose finally makes its return.

Frequent readers of the Thigh are familiar with my stance on Jessica Alba: was my favorite babe in the universe by a landslide, but rarely tries to look hot anymore(her becoming a mother plays a big part in that, so it's understandable, but still saddens me), is doing dumb things to annoy me like placing posters of great white sharks all over Oklahoma City to raise awareness on their dwindling population to people that are nowhere close to an ocean, etc.

But lately, Jessica's making efforts to make my massive crush existent again. I've tried to act like it's nothing and I'm not interested in her anymore, but like vegetarian Prince Fielder and an In-N-Out burer, sometimes you can't resist. We're seeing less of the clothes that wouldn't be accepted into Goodwill, and more of Jessica looking like her pre-2009 self.

Yesterday at the beach, she really showed she's getting back to being that babe queen we know and love. Do your best to ignore Cash Warren, her husband(wait a minute, what was all that one in a million talk?)...

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