Ochocinco Gives 'Final Destination' -Three- Legs Up | Sharapova's Thigh

Chad Esteban The Black Mexican Ochocinco Johnson is at it again. The Cincinnati Bengals' wide receiver is getting his opinions out there like crazy these days, with the Bengals being on HBO's Hard Knocks, Chad having his own Ustream show, and of course, Twitter.

Love Ocho or hate him(I particularly love him even though I firmly believe he's out of his mind usually), you have to at least find him quite interesting and enjoy seeing what's the latest crazy thing he has to say. Well, he gave us a couple of gems tonight.

Chad apparently just went to see the latest installment of the Final Destination films. If you've seen five minutes of one of those movies, you've seen them all. They're about as predictable as an Entourage episode, but like Entourage, at least use eye candy such as Ali Larter and Mary Elizabeth Winstead to make up for the rest of the crapness. Anyway, you don't want to hear anymore about what I think of Final Destination, but of course want Chad Ochocino's opinion. Here it is:

Classic. But that's not where it ended:

Link(Chad Ochocinco's Twitter Page)

He of course lost his "Johnson", when he had his last name of "Johnson" changed to "Ochocinco". Clever penis jokes, Esteban.

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