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Krystal Forscutt... come to Butthead.

I'm glad to say we finally have some good news on the babe availability front, just a few days after I informed you of the sad news that Alyssa Milano is now married. Australian superhottie Krystal Forscutt is single:

The former Big Brother playmate, who has spent most of the year auditioning for acting jobs in the US, has broken up with her long-term boyfriend, whose identity Forscutt once said she would "never" reveal.
"She's back and she's single, her relationship is over," a source told Confidential.

Link(The Courier-Mail)

Some of you may not know who the gorgeous Forscutt is, but frequent readers of the Thigh sure do, as she was in the 2009 Hot Ladies Tournament Championship. She lost to Keeley Hazell, but had my vote, and most of yours of course in all of the previous rounds. The 23-year-old Australian model and aspiring actress is a babe that is definitely on the rise, and might just be my favorite right now. We've been big supporters of her and think she's going to breakout as a babe superstar very soon.

About her being single, yes, none of you have a chance in hell of getting with her, but there's just something nice about them technically being available. One can dream.

It's also nice to learn in that article that Krystal is planning to return to the U.S. to to try to make it in Hollywood. And seriously, who the hell wouldn't want her in their movie or show? Even if she's not a great actress, she'd sell. Look at how many people pay to see Megan Fox(who Krystal defeated in the Thighnal Four this year) on the big screen. Do it.

And because of course this post is an excuse to post a bunch of hot pictures of Miss Forscutt, here you go(and some of these you may have seen on here before, but like you're really going to complain about seeing them again):

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