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We've Lost Another One: Alyssa Milano Marries

Posted by Matt Clapp | 8/15/2009 09:50:00 PM | , ,

Alyssa... husband? What was all that "one in a million" talk?

Cross off the availability of one of everybody's favorite babe obsessions. Today, Alyssa Milano got married to some random dude:

While Alyssa Milano is slated to star in ABC's Romantically Challenged , the 36-year-old is doing just fine in the romance department off the set. Milano married talent agent David Bugliari Saturday at his family's estate in New Jersey, E! News has confirmed.
Link(E! Online)

Hairy arms, bunny trail and all, this is very sad news to me. Alyssa's one of the few famous super-hotties that guys like me felt they had a chance with. If she could've just had one baseball discussion with me, and listened to why I think Vin Scully's one of the greatest people to ever walk on this planet, I feel I could've been rounding third base with her in no time.

Hell, Brad fucking Penny banged her. Have you seen this guy? If Bruce Matthews and Janet Reno mated, you have Brad Penny.

Looking at these pictures is still nice, but not quite the same...

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