Youkilis = sissy | Sharapova's Thigh

In case you missed it, there was a dust up, a frakus or most acurately, a brawl last night in the Red Sox / Tigers game.

Miguel Cabrera was hit for the second time in two nights, this time in the hand. Ouch.

Tigers pitcher Rick Porcello proceeded to nearly hit Victor Martinez in the next inning. The very next batter was Kevin Youkilis who Porcello plunked right in the back.


Youk gave Porcello a brief stare down and then it was on. Youk charged. Porcello backed up, he looked like he was going to cry mama.

And then Youk busted out the lamest move possible when charging the mound. He chucked his helmet at Porcello.

Are you serious? Have you ever charged the mound in your life?

I'm pretty sure that somewhere in the Bible, the Koran, and the Constitution something to the effect of "thou shalt not charge the mound with thout helmet and bat in thy handeth."

What a lame ass move.

I am not a Youk fan, but I always thought he was a brute and hardcore. I figured him to be the one going Nolan Ryan on any person willing to play the role of Robin Ventura. Now he punks out by throwing his helmet at a pitcher. Fight with fists!!

Lame Youk. Lame.

As another note about the brawl: did anybody else notice how cordial the benches were after they cleared? No punches thrown. Very minimal shoving. The situation resembled diplomacy more than a saloon shootout. Bummer.

What happened to the good old days of Pedro Martinez shoving poor old Don Zimmer to the ground?

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