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Fire Joe Morgan

Posted by FlyAtTheThigh | 9/20/2009 10:06:00 PM | , , ,

Do it, ESPN. You know it's right.

I haven't watched a lot of baseball recently due to the Cubs meltdown and the emergence of football (which as you can see by my picks, I know a lot about...), but I did catch the tail end of tonight's Cubs/Cards game when I turned to Sportscenter.

And oh, how lucky I was. To not hear Joe Morgan for about a month must be the equivalent of denying yourself a Swiss Cake Roll for a year. That's right, Little Debbie, send me some swag.

Emmy Winner, Joe Morgan: "The Red Sox were always down on Julio Lugo, but they won a championship with him."

Is this the most egregious thing that Lil' Joe has ever said? No. The fact that he knew that Julio Lugo was even on that Red Sox team is a step in the right direction (especially after Joe stated on national tv that Luis Castillo brought playoff experience to the Mets due to his time with the Twins when Castillo had played one playoff-less year with the twins and yet had won the World Series with Florida, a fact that he was apparently not aware of). However, the sad thing is Joe thinks that his logic is sound here. That a team could not or should not be down a player that was on a team that won a championship.

Even though Lugo had a really good World Series for the Sox, to say they won a championship with him is less accurate than to say they won a championship in spite of his .294 on base percentage. But even this is beside my point. To draw any correlation between how the Red Sox feel now, in 2009, about Julio Lugo to how he played for a World Champion team in 2007 is asinine. And the scary thing is, I get the feeling that it is a perfectly logical statement and thought process in the mind of Joe Morgan.

I think tonight was ESPN's final Sunday Night Broadcast of the season. Here's hoping that there's a new crew for their 21st season.

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