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Henry Pearson And Nick Adenhart ASU Remembrance Friday

Posted by Matt Clapp | 9/02/2009 03:30:00 AM

It's been almost five months since April 9th, but it's something that I still struggle to go five minutes without thinking about. I can't imagine that will change much for the rest of my life, nor should it.

When you lose a best friend and somebody as special as Henry Pearson, they deserve to constantly be remembered. I never knew Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart and Cal State Fullerton student and cheerleader Courtney Stewart, but everything I've heard and read says it should be the same way with them. It's such a tragedy to lose three outstanding young people with such promising futures ahead.

Henry and Nick met at Arizona State University(ASU). Henry earned his bachelor's degree in Journalism and Mass Communications, and Nick went there as he recovered from Tommy John surgery. From what I've learned speaking with family and friends, they first met playing pick-up basketball at the school rec center. Each being the competitive people that they were, Henry and Nick would talk some trash and become very aware of each other on the basketball court. As they both admired each other and realized they were very similar, they would start hanging out and grow to become great friends. The fact that Nick was a promising young pitching prospect at the time, and Henry was at the time an aspiring sports agent(which he would become) that was as big of a baseball fan as I've ever met in my life, also surely played into them becoming friends.

With ASU being such an important part of each of their lives and to so many people they met there, I'm happy to inform you that there will be a remembrance for them Friday from 8 AM-5 PM at the university. Since I'm not all that familiar with ASU and won't try to be, I'll just give you the description that I found of the event:

Come out and pay tribute to two ASU greats, Henry Pearson and Nick Adenhart who were killed by a drunk driver on 4/9/09. Stories, memories, music, friends, company, hugs, maybe a Henry-style dance off?? Jessica Pearson is hosting this event, and will be out @ ASU at 8am!! Come by and say hi. @ The ASU Chapel lawn between the MU and Library. Shout-out to Jon Wilhite : )
(Facebook- Henry and Nick ASU Remembrance)

As is mentioned there, Jessica Pearson will be hosting the event. Jessica is Henry's sister and basically a sister to me as well. She will do an outstanding job with this and I urge you to meet her if you attend this. You'll be a better person for it.

Also mentioned in that excerpt is Jon Wilhite. Jon was the only survivor in the car that carried Henry, Nick, and Courtney. He suffered an internal decapitation. It's as bad as it sounds.

Approximately 95% of people that have this injury don't survive, and the few that do usually are paralyzed. Well Jon not only survived and didn't come out paralyzed, he's doing incredibly well. It really is a miracle.

Jon's doing so well, that he threw out the first pitch at the Angels-A's game in Oakland on July 18th, just over two months since he should have lost his life, and in a time span that nobody thought he could possibly be anywhere near close to recovered. The former Cal State Fullerton catcher threw out the first pitch again this past Saturday at an Angels-A's game, this time at the home of the Angels in Anaheim. This time, it was extra meaningful, as the families of Henry, Nick, and Courtney stood out by the mound to support him.

What Jon's been through, what he's done, and what he represents to the families and friends of the three we lost, makes his situation one that really is beyond words. If you attend this event Friday at ASU and find out for yourself the great people Henry and Nick were, and how important they were to so many others, you'll see why we should be so grateful to have Jon still with us and doing well.

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