Malin Akerman Thanks Us For The Thigh Recognition; Esquire Thinks We're Creepy | Sharapova's Thigh

Today, we were mentioned in an Esquire article about actress/model Malin Akerman(pictured above) as a part of their "Woman We Love" series. I'll just show you what was said rather than giving a boring background on it first:
We click on some of the awards she's received. One site has bestowed upon her the coveted Thigh of the Week — and she's in contention for the Thighnal Four. "Thank you to the thigh people." She laughs. She has a high tolerance for creepiness.

The "Thigh of the Week" and "Thighnal Four" mentioned... very cool. Malin Akerman thanks us... absolutely awesome. Then the word "creepiness" is in there... ouch.

Creepy? Are we really? We just like to recognize a good thigh when we see one and hopefully help get these girls noticed for their beauty and talents.

In all seriousness, it's a great read, we really appreciate the mention, and we're glad to see Malin getting the recognition she deserves. So make sure to check it out and give Esquire a thigh five. Hopefully they aren't creeped out.

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