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I was tipped an Olivia Munn video, so of course I was going to watch it and consider posting it no matter what, because she's hot and the type of girl we all dream of dating. She has a great sense of humor, tolerates video game nerds, and again, is hot. Additionally, we always like to keep you updated on what our former Thigh of the Week representatives are up to.

Apparently this video is from the latest episode of Attack of the Show, which Olivia hosts on the video game and entertainment themed channel G4. She interviewed Dr. Drew Pinsky, better known as just Dr. Drew. I just know him from Loveline with Adam Carolla back in the day on MTV. Loveline's still around, as a nationally syndicated radio show which he hosts. He's a real doctor and basically a sex doctor in the media, always answering questions for people concerned about their sex life.

So Olivia and Dr. Drew are talking sex, and she provides him with some sex questions from people on Twitter. One person on Twitter uses the old "my friend is concerned about his penis size" line, asking Dr. Drew about it. Olivia cuts in and says, "Size matters", and continues on about it. She then adds, "If there's a really small penis, I look at it and think, 'Does it work?'"

Watch the whole video if you wish, but that stuff is at about the 2:10-3:35 mark:

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