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Pro or College Pigskin?

Posted by Poorly Acquitted | 9/03/2009 07:31:00 AM | , , , ,

Starting tonight with Oregon vs. Boise State, and continuing on through the first installment of Monday Night Football in ten days, is without a doubt the ten best days of the year for every person proclaiming to be a man.

If you don't like football you probably are clueless or don't actually have a penis. I'll even use some international sensibilities: since soccer is called football everywhere not called America, the analogy holds true.

Hell even women love these ten days!! It's not the beginning of seasons that wears women out, its the end of seasons, so guys take advantage of this while you can.

I digress. College Football always starts the weekend before the NFL. It always starts on a Thursday night. The last couple of years we've even been treated with some tasty matchups featuring teams ballsy enough to schedule a tough non-conference game or two.

From kickoff Thursday night until the final whistle the following Monday is the happiest time of they year.

Beer. Meat. Always a game on the tube. Nuff said.

Now that I've turned everybody in the blogosphere into raving lunatics, ready to run through a Goddamn brick wall just to make the games start sooner I thought I'd pose a question.

Which do you need, want, like, covet more: College or Pro Football?

The answer is easy for me, but I'm not giving that away just yet. I hope that a bunch of you Thighians (Thighites? Thighman?) get vocal and voice your opinion in our comments section. If we can't get any lively debate I'll be forced to tell y'all about my opinion and why it's correct.

Happy hunting, and try to keep the kid gloves on please.

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