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Sean Salisbury v. Deadspin

Posted by FlyAtTheThigh | 9/23/2009 01:46:00 PM | , ,

I'm not a big follower of the Sean Salisbury saga. He may or may not have a habit of sending pictures of his genitalia to other people by way of text message, but who hasn't fallen into that trap once or twice? Hmm?

Nonetheless, when Sean Salisbury begins to text the editor of Deadspin about litigation, the funny really and truly picks up. I am going to link the entire page at the bottom of this thinly veiled hit drawing piece, but here's a little taste:

My email is the record u guys have lied and backstabbed me for the last time I owe u no answer nor will I dignify the lies with any response. For the record. U guys r being sued be a vicious attorney as is CBS and espn. And I will win with the proof. And yes for the record that book is being written and will rock the foundation of that company. Stuff that the sports world will not believe. I'm done being nice so prepare urself and u go ahead and put all of it on there because with the things I know folks are gonna be running for the hills. I will restore my reputation in a huge way. And by the way the girl u guys tracked down after two years who lied about the cell phone shit that u guys ran with a few months ago is the same woman who begged me on three different occasions to have sex with her and I said no. So she will be exposed as well. Damn I can't wait for all this

Mr. Salisbury apparently is sending this from his Iphone, which makes me look at my Razr and sigh regretfully. It also makes you wonder exactly what is going through his head? Sending text messages to a major, major blog is a far greater blow to your reputation than, say, getting caught by your friends with a fat girl or buying an Aly and AJ know they're called 78violet now? I'm not the only one who knew that, right? Right?

Sean Salisbury Has A Few Things To Get Off His Chest (Deadspin)

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